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“KFS” is a newly founded organization with over 15 years of accounting, bookkeeping, and business management experience; that is founded on the principle of customer service. As such we are focused solely on providing a level of service to individuals; and small businesses that is unmatched within the industry. We have experience with: GAAP, cash, accrual, construction, and fund accounting used for government and non-profit organizations. To date, KFS’ most popular industries include: real estate, property management, retail, automotive, and non-profit. KFS has many years of business management experience as well. We have dealt with: compliance and correspondence with legal and regulatory agencies such as state and federal taxing authorities, and OSHA. KFS has dealt with personnel concerns as well including: wrongful terminations, sexual harassment, disability and other FMLA concerns. Given this level of experience, we are capable of providing advice based on that first hand experience. Lastly, KFS is proficient with many different financial data software platforms including Quicken, QuickBooks, Excel, Great Plains, and Peachtree.

Messy books are my friends but it didn’t start that way. In my 15 years of bookkeeping/accounting experience I’ve seen many nightmare sets of books. If that’s you, don’t be ashamed! You’re in the right place! My passion is to help small business leaders get set up right, get organized, get reconciled and get after doing what they do best – bring ideas to life, reaching customers/clients and growing their business/organization.


Our Mission

Keyser Financial Services’ mission is to provide the highest quality business services to its clients. The unique design of our business Provides “KFS” uncommon versatility, and capability to provide unheard of services that many other organizations in our industry avoid. In addition to our commitment to our clients, we are fiercely focused on sound ideologies;and adhere to the guiding doctrines that lead toward the highest ethical standards.

What Really Matters

Here at “KFS” we are relentlessly committed to provide our clients with the best service available. With that, it is our intention to do more, offer more, and be more for our family of clients. We recognize that the most important component of our business is our clientele. As such we will work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.



Keyser Financial Services has well over 15 years of financial-planning experience. We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. Accordingly we believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients. We make sure to work around your budget. We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their financial futures, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day. We are particularly well suited to file taxes for police officers, firefighters, teachers, and are veteran friendly.

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